Faucet makes noise when turned on

Posted on: 2022-08-20 Last updated: 2022-11-05

Why faucet is making noise?

There are a few types of faucet noise: Rattling noise Whistling, whining, moaning faucet noise

How to fix rattling faucet noise

A rattling noise usually is coming from some wobbling part inside a pipeline. Not all-the-way open valves are known to cause rattling noise because the rubber gaskets inside under high pressure of water flow could start moving back and forth causing water pressure fluctuations. All this could cause a faucet rattling noise.

Given a fix is very simple, it could be a good start to make sure all valves are open all the way.

How to fix whistling, whining, moaning faucet noise

If there is an aerator installed at the faucet, it could be causing the noise. There are just a couple of options available when dealing with it: to clean it and to replace it.

How to clean a faucet aerator

Cleaning an aerator might not help, it is the cheapest option. Also, there are only a few steps involved. Take it off, clean it, and put it back on.

Taking off the aerator could be hard to do. The problem is to unscrew it. They tend to be heard to get a grasp on. You could try using pliers with a cloth to protect the aerator while unscrewing it.

Once off, disassemble it as much as you can and clean any residue present. If you have another 15 minutes, you could soak it in a mix of hot water with citric acid. It could help dissolve any buildup on a mesh.

When done cleaning, assemble it back in reverse order. As screwing back on, avoid tightening it too much because you might have to take it off again. You don't want to fight your own tightening later.

If nothing works, consider replacing the faucet itself if the noise is coming from it's internals.