How to clean electric kettle

Posted on: 2022-08-30 Last updated: 2022-12-04

Limestone buildup is a very common issue that virtually every kettle is going through. The limestone stains are known to build up on the heating element and around it in a kettle. Luckily cleaning a kettle from limestone stains is an easy and cheap task. It also does not take long.

Clean the keetle with Citric Acid

One of the top picks for cleaning a kettle would be to use some citric acid. It is a cheap and available option. It does a good job of dissolving limestone stains that build up in a kettle. At the same time, unlike vinegar, it doesn't produce that much of a smell when used.

First, fill the kettle with water. Add 2 tablespoons of citric acid into the water and stir it. Turn on the kettle and let it boil. Once the boiling temperature is reached, turn the kettle off and let it sit for 20 minutes. Stir the water well and drain it. Inspect the insides of the kettle. If there are still some limestone stains left, repeat the process.

When no stains are left, rinse well the kettle with clean water. It could be a good idea to boil clean water once to get rid of any solution remains.

Now the kettle should look like brand new inside.

Use Coke

The same steps as above could be done if you just use a full of coke kettle. The only difference would be that you might want to let it sit for longer. Something like 45 minutes should be enough.

Use baking soda solution

The same process you can do with baking soda. Just replace citric acid with 1 teaspoon per kettle. All other steps will stay the same. This is a neutral option that should go a good job without giving much discomfort from the fumes.

Vinegar plus water one-to-one solution

The process is the same as for citric acid. The difference would be the amount of smell from boiling and hot vinegar. Only due to the smell use this method if no other option is available.

Use a commercial kettle cleaning product

In the case of an off-the-shelf product just follow the recommendations of the manufacturer.

How to prevent limestone stains

Though it is likely impossible to completely prevent limestone build-up in the kettle, you should easily be able to slower the process. Just using a good water filter should significantly slower the pace at which limestone is building up in your kettle.


Some options from above should give you a nice clean inside of a kettle. Remember to repeat the process whenever you notice limestone stains build up in the kettle. And investing in a water filter should be a no-brainer. The better water we drink, the healthier we are.