How to clean microwave with lemon

Posted on: 2022-12-27

What do you need to clean microwave with a lemon

Microwave-safe bowl or container

1 lemon

Towel or sponge


How to clean microwave with lemon steps

Into a microwave-safe bowl add 1 cup of water and squeeze as much of lemon juice as you could out of the lemon. Cut the remainder of the lemon into pieces and add them to the bowl.

Place the bowl into the microwave.

Heat the water with lemon juice and lemon pieces mixture in the microwave on HIGH for 2+ minutes until water starts boiling for steam to build up inside the microwave.

Depending on how much greasy the microwave is, let the bowl and the steam rest in the microwave for 2 or more minutes.

Remove the bowl, turntable and other removable parts from inside the microwave.

Wipe clean and dry the microwave and the turntable.

Put the turntable back inside and enjoy the clean microwave.