How to fix squeaky door

Posted on: 2022-08-24 Last updated: 2022-11-05

Why is the door squeaking?

It most likely does due to a hinge having no lubricant on the pin. Luckily the fix is fast and easy. It also requires very few tools. You will only need a long-ish nail, a hammer, some lubricant, and a paper towel.

Steps needed to silence squeaking door

First and foremost, prepare the tools, go to the outer side of the door (where the hinge is visible) and close the door.

For one hinge at a time, do the following: Take a nail and a hammer, and with those, knock the pin out of the hinge. It is done by placing the nail at the bottom of a hinge pin and hammering the nail into the hinge to push the pin out. Once the pin is out, wipe the pin dry to remove any dirt. Then apply some lubricant to the pin and cover it's body with the lube evenly. After that insert and hammer the pin back into the hinge. Wipe any excess lubricant off the hinge. Fully open and close the door to let the lubricant spread in the hinge.

Once the steps above are repeated for all the hinges of the door, the squeaky door noise should go away.

Note on lubricants

Many different lubricants should do the job just fine. Here are some which you might want to consider: Graphite Lubricant Multi-Purpose Grease Lithium Grease Silicone Grease